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Activate Library Card
The fourteen digit code on the back of your Panther ID Card. It begins with 2119900.
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Status Activation Window
New and transfer students Your library card will be valid from the first day of classes.
Continuing students Your library card will be re-activated for each semester in conjunction with registering for class or dissertation research. Otherwise, your card is not valid.
Adjunct Faculty Your library card is valid for only the semester during which you are contracted to teach class. Please contact your department if your library card fails to be re-activated; they will need to notify the Payroll Department of your continued employment.
Alumni and Retired Faculty Please retain your FIU One Card - it continues to serve as your library card.

Card Activation

You may verify your card's activation status via the Online Renewal Service. If the system responds with "No items checked out to this patron ID number" it means that your library card is already activated. If you do not receive the above response, follow the Instructions section below to activate your card.

If you experience problems connecting to a full-text database or other proprietary database, verify that you have correctly connected via the FIU Proxy Server by clicking and logging in via the Off-Campus Access button at the top left of the screen. If you are still having problems with your library card, please refer to the Activation Problems section below.

Activation Problems

For problems accessing some of the full text online databases, go to the EZProxy Login by clicking the button at the top right of the screen labeled "Off-Campus Access." For other problems with your library card, contact the Circulation Desk at 305-348-2451 or 305-919-5718, or email your request to the Green Library Circulation Desk, Modesto A. Maidique Campus or to the Biscayne Bay Library Circulation Desk. Please provide your name and allow one business day for a response.

Before You Submit a Request

FIU Library Cards are automatically activated as part of the registration process (for students) and hiring process (for employees). Due to heavy work loads at the beginning of each semester, some delay in the record activation may exist. If this occurs and you need to use the library resources, please contact the Circulation Desk.


Complete this form to request the activation of your library card. Allow one business day for processing. The bar code number on the reverse of your FIU One Card is your library card number.

Incomplete or incorrect information may delay processing
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