Facts and Figures

Stats At A Glance


Total Volume Count1,629,179
Public Services
Reference Transactions50,881
Typical Weekly Public Service Hours111.5
Library Instruction
Number of Participants13,656
Total Instruction Sessions619
Access & Delivery Services
Total Circulation (Excluding Reserves)75,934
Reserves Circulations11,999
Laptop Circulations119,823
Typical Weekly Gate Count35,644
Interlibrary Loan: Borrowing13,095
Interlibrary Loan: Lending13,336

For additional data on our collections, including a five year growth synopsis, check out our collection data from our Library Catalogers.


resource & project data

Tech Fee Projects

From 2009 to 2012, the FIU Libraries received a total of $2,774,597.73 in Technology Fee funding to implement 22 unique technology projects. Our librarians collaborated with other FIU academic units on an additional 6 technology projects for a total of $723,079.00. These funds were invested in the following main areas:

  • Technology enhancement in the physical learning environment, including presentation and group study rooms, collaboration zones, a technology hub, library information displays, multimedia workstations, and research and teaching labs;
  • Purchasing of electronic devices including e-Readers, laptops,FLip video cameras, iPads, GPS units, and photogrammetry workstations for public usage;
  • Purchasing of electronic materials, including Alexander Street Press streaming video files and thousands of e-books from Springer, Elsevier, and others
  • Piloting new programs, such as “roaming reference”, a video contest for First Year Experience students, and online language learning software

User Statistics

Subject specialists (reference librarians) have developed a virtual reference service environment for our students and faculty. Using social media tools and service management systems, they have developed on-line research services providing individual real time chat consultations and a 24/7 self-service research environment for 30+ different disciplines. Our devoted library faculty and staff have taught over 2,666 library research instruction sessions, reaching over 63,000 students (as of 2011), created 234 research guides (viewed 16,563 times) and responded to over 186,682 user queries.

The annual number of visits to library websites averages 1.6 million, with 550,000+ unique users. Notably, the mobile use of the website has grown from 3,090 visits in 2008 to 74,129 visits in 2012. (See table below)

Analytics Data for weblibdev.fiu.edu
Year (Aug-July)Visits (Unique Visitors)PageviewsCountrySystems/OS
2008-20091,736,388 (556,723)3,493,959US, India, China, Venezuela, JamaicaWindows/PC, Mac, iPhone
2009-20101,536,221 (502,162)3,204,210US, India, China, Jamaica, CanadaWindows/PC, Mac, iPhone
2010-20111,664,852 (603,752)3,429,789US, India, Iran, China, CanadaWindows/PC, Mac, iPhone
2011-20121,554,939 (680,636)3,411,091US, China, Jamaica, India, ColombiaWindows/PC, Mac, iPhone
2014-20151,418,420 (504,810)2,822,795US, India, China, Italy, MexicoWindows/PC, iOS, Android
Mobile + tablet Users
Year (Aug-July)VisitsSystems/Devices
2008-20093,090iPhone, iPod, Android
2009-201010,276iPhone, Android, iPod
2010-201132,785iPhone, Android, iPad
2011-201274,129iPhone, Android, iPad
2014-2015182,291iPhone, iPad, Windows Tablet, Galaxy S5

Collection Statistics

In the past 5 years, the FIU Libraries have grown our electronic collections significantly. We have increased our electronic book collection by 82,349 titles, a 142% increase. We now track an additional 71,472 electronic journal titles, a 830% increase, and an additional 217,532electronic files 209,736, a 132% increase compare to 5 years ago. FIU students and faculty can access these electronic resources from their offices and homes. (See table below)

Collection GroupsTotal Current Holdings5-Year Increase
All Electronic Titles329313209736
Electronic Journals8008271472
Electronic Books14031082349
Engineering Library Services19647
Green Library General73386096675
Green Library Sound & Image1072145747
Green Library Curriculum167121372
Green Library Documents34819222458
Green Library Special Collections297227232
Hubert Library Audiovisual78112791
Hubert Library General21381112131
Hubert Library Documents11848337
Reserves GL & HL1123594

In addition, our efforts in digitizing and preserving cultural, scientific and intellectual content for both FIU and South Florida communities have grown significantly. The digital files created and preserved by the Library Digital Collection Center has seen a 147% increase from 23,054 to 56,941. The annual number of hits for these files has risen from 872,256 in 2008/09 to 2,320,662 in 2011/12. (See table below)

5 Year Increase120%147%166%

University and personal collection acquisitions added roughly 648 linear feet of records. The personal collections acquired from Enrique Hurtado, Dr. William Straight, Elena Kurstin, Dr. Marvin Dunn, Dr. Uva de Aragon and Nicolas Quintana had an appraised and in-kind value of over $1 million.

Since 2011, FIU Library houses the gift to CARTA (College of Architecture + the Arts) of over 20,000 sound recordings, mostly in LP format with over 600 books, piano scores and compact discs from local attorney and Miami arts patron, Julian Kreeger. They are housed in a new-constructed facility in room GL535. Furthermore, our Cuban Music Collection has become an international hit, the unique visits has doubled from 2000+ in 2008 to 4000+ in 2012. (See table below)

Year (Aug-July)Visits (Unique Visits)Files AddedCountry
2008-20094,261 (2,045)NAUS, Spain, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Mexico
2009-20103,862 (1,583)7,488US, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Spain, Colombia
2010-20117,117 (3,901)8560US, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Venezuela
2011-20127,347 (4,002)16,536US, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Italy, Spain

Grants & Contracts

In the past 5 years, the FIU Libraries, in collaboration with other academic units and institutions, have secured a direct total of $1.6 million in external funding. Funding agencies included the USAID, the South Florida Water Management District, the National Park Service, the NSF, the Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), the Broward MPO, the Palm Beach MPO, and the City of Coral Gables. The Digital Library of the Caribbean (DLoC), the City of Coral Gables Talking Book, and the Coral Gables’ Virtual History are examples of innovative applications of digital libraries and geo-spatial tools in disseminating community assets and intellectual properties. The library-based GIS Center has collaborated widely with FIU faculty on sponsored activities in the areas of Everglades restoration, vegetation monitoring, transportation and urban planning, geo-humanities, global disaster risk reduction and geo-enabled knowledge management in the Global Water for Sustainability (GLOWS) programs. (See table below)

 Project DescriptionSponsor NameBeginEndFundingTotal
Transportation Outreach Planner MDCMiami-Dade County MPO1/22/20086/29/2014$277,880$708,640
Integrated Transportation Info BCBroward MPO1/1/201012/31/2011$119,900
Integrated Transportation Info PBCPalm Beach MPO5/7/20084/1/2012$74,660
Bicycle Knowledge Explorer BCBroward MPO3/26/20087/31/2014$211,200
Knowledge MNGM
Digitization of Historic PhotosCity of Coral Gables4/1/20099/30/2010$24,000$383,784
Coral Gables Talking BookCity of Coral Gables2/8/201012/31/2010$35,000
Coral Gables Virtual HistoryCity of Coral Gables10/1/20119/30/2014$154,000
GLOWS Knowledge ManagementUSAID7/2/20126/30/2016$67,630
Disaster Risk Reduction Training Program and KMUSAID7/2/20123/30/2013$53,200
REMAP Data PortalEPA & NPS9/4/20089/30/2009$49,954
Natural Science
Disaster Risk Reduction GIS+RS Data DevelopmentUSAID7/1/20105/30/2013$210,563$438,619
Everglades Vegetation Classification MappingSFWMD1/23/200911/16/2009$80,593
Evaluation of Vegetation Classification and ScalingSFWMD3/23/20111/13/2012$49,604
Vegetation Monitoring in NESRSNational Park Service7/1/20116/30/2016$44,122
Vegetation Trends in ENPNational Park Service4/1/20123/30/2013$53,737
Grand Total: $1,531,043